Gogogo Sport Vpro Hunting Range Finder – Precision Distance Measuring Expert

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Introducing the GS60 Rangefinder with Built-in Horizontal Distance Calculator, the ultimate tool for avid hunters and shooters. This innovative device features a horizontal distance calculator (ARC) that provides accurate horizontal distance and angle data, making it perfect for precision shooting. With corrected yardage numbers for shot angle, you can easily adjust your aim without any extra input, ensuring a more successful shot every time.

The GS60 Rangefinder is designed with a realistic camouflage pattern that allows you to blend seamlessly into the forest, keeping you hidden from your prey. Built for reliability, this rangefinder offers precise distance readings ranging from 5 to 800/1000 yards with an impressive +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification, making it ideal for hunting, bowhunting, and professional applications.

Upgrade your hunting experience with the GS60’s enhanced optics, which allow more light to pass through for a brighter and clearer view, even in low-light conditions. Shoot with confidence knowing that you have the most cost-effective rangefinder on the market at your disposal.

Don’t let your target slip away – trust the GS60 Rangefinder to provide you with the precise measurements you need for a successful shot every time.


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