1000 Yards Rechargeable Hunting Laser Rangefinder: Get Accurate Shots with Ease

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Introducing the ultimate Hunting Range Finder with Mode Memory, a must-have tool for any avid hunter or golfer. Equipped with 7 versatile functions, including ranging mode, scanning mode, speed measurement mode, and more, this laser rangefinder ensures precision and accuracy in every use.

Featuring a unique mode memory function, this range finder conveniently remembers the mode you used before shutting down, making it incredibly efficient for your outdoor adventures. With the ability to measure multiple targets continuously in scan mode, you can easily lock onto your desired target with ease.

This high-accuracy rangefinder offers a range of up to 1000 yards with 6.5X magnification, providing a clear and detailed view of your surroundings. The multilayer coated glass lens and high-end transmissive LCD display guarantee a bright and sharp image, making it suitable even for those wearing glasses.

Designed for portability and convenience, this rangefinder is rechargeable with a built-in Li-ion battery, ensuring you never run out of power during your outings. Its compact and lightweight design, weighing only 4.23 ounces, makes it ideal for carrying while hunting, golfing, or measuring outdoors. Plus, with its rain-proof feature, you can use it in all weather conditions without any worries.

Each package includes a pouch, lanyard, lens cleaning cloth, USB cable, and manual for your convenience. Additionally, you can rely on our 24-hour full-time service, 1-year warranty, and lifetime technical support for any assistance you may need.

Experience precision, convenience, and reliability with the Hunting Range Finder with Mode Memory – your go-to tool for all your outdoor adventures. Order yours today and elevate your hunting or golfing experience like never before!


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