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The Worst Case Survival Kit

There are two types of explorers, the ones who will happily wander off into the wilderness ill-equipped, and those who like to be prepared. The former will probably have wished they’d packed The Worst Case Survival Kit if they ever find themselves up shit creek. And those that pack for the worse will be glad they did.

Packed full of kit and gear to get you through most emergency situations, The Worst Case Survival Kit is your insurance policy for the unlikely. TSA-safe you can keep one at hand in your car, backpack, or grab bag. The kit includes a shelter, water purification, several ways to make fire, damn fine fishing kit, micro saw, minor 1st aid, a compass, Rite-In-The-Rain paper & pencil, can opener, needle, tweezers, glue stick for repairs, 550 paracord, 100MPH tape, safety pins, flashlight, a signal mirror… with everything packaged into a rugged waterproof Pelican 1010 case – the size of a Sony Walkman.