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  • What type of navy & marine backpacks are there?

    Much like the army, navy and marine backpacks come in all shapes and sizes suited to whatever your particular needs are. You can get larger ones for long trips or hikes as well as smaller ones typically called rucksacks for 1 to 2 day expeditions. What usually separates a marine pack though is its water resistance. Because they are designed for naval use, these backpacks are often made with waterproof material, so that if you find yourself needing to swim or out on the ocean, there's no compromising the contents of the bag.

  • How heavy are Marine Backpacks?

    Marine backpacks differ in weight depending on their size and how much gear you've got in them. Looking at US marines in Iraq and Afghanistan though, packs can weigh anywhere between 60 to 100 pounds - including all of the additional equipment and gear that a war-zone soldier requires. You can usually get a good idea of how much a marine pack will weigh based on its size and the material it's made of. A lot of marine backpacks are made of lightweight waterproof material to make sure they don't absorb any water weight if they get wet.

  • How to choose the best marine backpack.

    Choosing the best marine backpack for you isn't easy, but it's worth comparing everything you can to ensure you get the right one. First of all, think about what you're going to be using it for and use that as baseline. If you're using it for longer expeditions then you'll need a larger, stronger pack. But if you're only using it for daily commutes or shorter trips, then you can go for a smaller more lightweight variant. Likewise, if you're going to be putting the pack through its paces (i.e. if it's going to be getting wet a lot), then you want to make sure that it's made of a material that can withstand those conditions. A lot of marine packs are made from waterproof material, so if you're going to be in the rain or anywhere wet, go for one of these. From there you'll probably also want to consider how it looks (if that's important to you). While a lot of the time these packs are used with sheer pragmatism in mind, there's also an element to some of the aesthetic appeal. You should also consider the price - stick to a budget you are comfortable with. Some marine packs can cost a lot of money, but they are worth it if they're being used to the extent of their capability. If you're just using a pack for daily trips to work, then maybe you don't need the highest tech and specced marine backpack.

  • What are typical Navy & Marine Backpacks uses?

    If you're a die-hard military person, then you're probably more used to it being referred to as a pack rather than a backpack. But they serve the same purpose. Navy packs are usually used to carry everything the soldier needs to perform the specific operation at hand. If it's a short mission after which you'll be returning to base, then there's no need to carry any shelter or shovel/trowel for digging out an abode. But that being said, those occasions where you do need to carry such equipment do arise, so in that event you'll be using your backpack to carry a mobile home (i.e. a tent and sleeping bag). If you're not in the navy though, these packs can be used for anything from hiking on the weekends, to carrying books to school all the way through to a completely kitted out survival pack. It all depends on what you see yourself using the pack for.